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Bearing design, manufacturing and testing Standards and Technical Documents

Standardization is a basic work of enterprise quality management. Enterprises have a complete standardization management system. In the whole process of product quality, we always work around "standards". At present, there are more than 30 standards and technical documents used in product design, manufacturing and testing of rolling mill bearings, including national, ministerial, enterprise and factory standards. The main standards are as follows:

1.GB/T307.1 Geometric Technical Specification (GPS) and Tolerance for Rolling Bearing Centrifugal Bearing Products

2.Principles and methods of measurement and inspection of 2.GB/T307.2 rolling bearings

3.GB/T307.3 General Technical Rules for Rolling Bearings

4. GB/T307.4 Geometric Technical Specification (GPS) and Tolerance for Thrust Bearing Products of Rolling Bearings

5. GB/T308 Rolling Bearing Steel Balls

6.GB/T4604 Rolling Bearing Radial Clearance

7.GB/T4661 Rolling Bearing Cylindrical Roller

8.Rated Dynamic Load and Rated Life of 8.GB/T6391 Rolling Bearing

9.GB/T 18254 High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel

10.GB/T3203 Carburized Bearing Steel

11. JB/T 10235 Rolling Bearing Tapered Roller Technical Conditions

12. Axial clearance of four-point contact ball bearings for JB/T6643 rolling bearings

13. Technical Conditions for Heat Treatment of JB/T1255 High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel Rolling Bearing Parts

14. Technical Conditions for Carburizing and Heat Treatment of JB/T8881 Rolling Bearing Parts

15. JB/T5389.1 Four-row cylindrical roller bearings for rolling mills

16. JB/T5389.2 Double-row and Four-row Tapered Roller Bearings for Rolling Bearing Mills

17. JB/T7051 Rolling Bearing Parts Surface Roughness Measurement and Evaluation Method

18. JB/T10338 Rolling Bearing Parts Magnetic Particle Inspection Rules

19. Residual magnetic field of JB/T6641 rolling bearing parts and its evaluation method

20. CSBTS TC98.52 Rolling Bearing Parts Ring Surface Roughness Technical Conditions

21. CSBTS TC98.54 Rolling Bearing Parts Ring and Roller Appearance Quality Requirements

22. CSBTS TC98.55 Technical Specifications for Metal Entity Cage of Rolling Bearing Parts

23. CSBTS TC98.65 Rolling Bearing Parts Rolling Mill Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Rings and Gate tolerance

24.Q/ZZT J0002 Bearing Coding Method Standard